The book is a bold step towards sex education. As a Life coach who observe teenagers in various countries, though there exist cultural differences and I observed that the issues plaguing young ones especially teenagers when it comes to sex, sexuality and sex education seem to encompass all cultures. It seems to permeate all society. Though there are many books out there on this topic, I decided to encompass all areas that may trigger and affect the sexuality of the young ones. This is a sacrosanct topic and the more authors dwell on it, the better for our society.

Sex education is a must if young people must be guided and delivered from the consequences of wrong sexual choices they may be tempted to make due to peer pressure. As good as sex is, it is also an avenue for destruction if not properly handled.

There are a lot of factors that mitigate sex education which most people are not aware of. I touched on areas such as emotions, human relationship, closeness with parents, peer pressure, intimacy with the opposite sex, personal hygiene and grooming.

The problem of sexually transmitted diseases is a timely warning for both young and old to beware of the sexual behaviours or orientations and maintenance of good hygiene in the face of viral, bacterial and other infections that can only be spread sexually.


The book also highlighted the need to abstain and emphasizes on the merits a youth derives from it. It highlights gains and merits associated with abstinence.


The topic that ravages most young ones in our society- Masturbation. This is a habit that is practised by many people all over the world; it corrupts the life of most of the youngsters nowadays than any other problem they face. Some of them are given wrong information by their friends and are encouraged to masturbate as often as they can. The less knowledge about sex and the addicting capacity of masturbation stands as a valuable reason for this growing habit among youngsters.

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