Audit YOUR accounts without hiring an auditor

The book outlines guidelines that will be helpful for entrepreneurs, self-employed people and people who generally want to improve their knowledge. I am not advocating the need not to engage an auditor because I am an auditor myself but I know the importance of auditing.

Prevent your employees from defrauding you

Workplace fraud is a common, everyday occurrence. Every business—large or small—is vulnerable to these crimes. Workplace fraud can have a substantial impact on a business’s “bottom line” and even on its continued survival and success.


The book is a bold step towards sex education. As a Life coach who observe teenagers in various countries, though there exist cultural differences and I observed that the issues plaguing young ones especially teenagers when it comes to sex, sexuality

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Prevent your employees from defrauding you.
It is reported that from the 2018 ACFE's Report To The Nations that the private companies and small business rank highest in occupational fraud frequency at 42% compared to large corporations, government and non-profits.
The biggest contributing factor is the lack of internal controls. The problem for many of these companies is they didn't realize that fraud could be instigated by their most trusted employees.
One major reason fraudulent employees target small businesses is that they often lack checks and balances.
Typically, a company starts out with employees who are family and friends, and everyone has access to sensitive client information, inventory and sometimes even the chequebook. This is a major issue that was highlighted and addressed in our book.

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My name is Aaron Efuribe. I am an Accountant by profession. My knack for writing has led me over the years and that is why I am using this medium to publish my books.